Security Window Film May Make Every Minute Add-Up For School Safety

Washington, D.C. – August 1, 2023 – In support of August’s Back-to-School Safety Month, the International Window Film Association (IWFA) is recommending the professional installation of security window film to deter unwanted entry through unprotected glass doors and windows.

“Safety window film, when installed with an aggressive adhesive on the glazing of doors and windows and anchored to the frame, makes glass harder to penetrate and keeps shattered pieces in place, even after multiple attempts to break it to gain entrance and this may give more time for security personnel to respond,” said Darrell Smith, executive director of the IWFA.

To educate the public about security window films and schools, the IWFA issued a brochure: Security Window Film and Schools: Learn the Facts.

The IWFA notes that perpetrators of mass school shootings have often accessed unprotected glass entry points before committing their horrendous acts of violence on students and staff. Since 1982, 443 deaths and injuries have resulted from mass shooting rampages at schools and colleges, according to statistics.

A government commission on school safety that included staff from the departments of Education, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security and Justice issued their Final Report of the Federal Commission on School Safety in 2018 and on page 123 the report states, applying blast-resistant safety films can strengthen windows to increase the protection they provide. Securing exterior windows so that individuals cannot use them to access a build¬ing can also improve the overall security of the building.

Security window film can be quickly installed, often in a day or less, and it is a highly- engineered polyester film composite that undergoes various testing and treatments to provide a reliable degree of safety. Each IWFA member Window Film manufacturer extensively tests their products to ascertain individual performance and ensure continued durability.