Window Film and Your Home

Updating the windows in your home with window film is a cost effective way to improve home’s energy savings and can help improve resale value. For about one-tenth the cost and time of doing replacement windows, window films can be installed in a day or less, and may update existing glass windows for possibly better energy savings.

UV Protection

Your home is your sanctuary; protect it with window film. UV rays, visible sun light, and heat are largely responsible for much of the fading that occurs to wood floors, furniture, and artwork.

Heat Control

Do you have rooms that are too hot to use during certain times of the day or year? Window film can expand the use of your room for year-round comfort.

Privacy and Glare

From sports, to movies, to checking the weather, too much glare on your television screen can make the best T.V. hard to see or washed out. Window film can cut the glare and give you clearer viewing.

Is your home office window making those teleconferences impossible? Window film can lower the heat and glare, letting you shine instead of your screen.


In addition, UV rays penetrate through glass leaving you at risk of skin damage and even skin cancer.

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