What to Know Before You Buy

Long-lasting and time-tested window films can be used to update existing windows so consumers can enjoy multiple enhanced benefits such as greater energy savings, increased comfort levels, protection from the sun’s Ultraviolet (UV) radiation, less glare, and sometimes added safety in the event of glass breakage.

See the below steps you should take before buying window films.

Find A Dealer

Scheduling a visit is likely to be the fastest way to obtain a complete picture of all the expected benefits of a window film installation for specific windows.  Ask the dealer if  they have a storefront and/or if they do house calls.

When considering window films, contact a local window film professional.

Learn About Your Dealer

  • Do you have references from other residential or automotive customers on recent work?
  • May I contact any of them?
  • Why do you think I should select you for my window film needs instead of other companies which might offer similar services?
  • Are you a member of any trade associations and/or have any accreditations?

An experienced window film representative should be able to answer the questions above.

What to Ask at Your Visit

  • Are my windows suitable for window film installation?
  • Are there any other windows in my home or vehicle that would benefit from window film?
  • Are there other benefits to having window film installed other than solving my immediate needs?
  • How long are the window films you are recommending expected to last?

Additional Information

While the professional installation of window films may be achieved in only a matter of hours, they are complex products that meet rigorous product testing and have certified performance ratings, along with manufacturer-backed written warranties.