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IWFA member companies are rated for their performance by independent, recognized technical testing and reporting companies which are certified and also do the same types of testing and ratings on windows, doors, and skylights.

Interactive Tint Laws

Click the Link to Access the International Window Film Association’s Window Tint Law Guide

Accreditation Tests

The IWFA offers four accreditations: Solar Control Specialist, Safety and Security Film Specialist, Advanced Solar Control Specialist, and Automotive Window Film Specialist. Each of these demonstrates an individual’s comprehension and knowledge of each subject and is earned by passing a proctored test, whether in-person or online.

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What Does The IWFA Logo Mean

In the simplest terms it means commitment. Any individual member window film dealer or company that is authorized to display the IWFA logo means they are committed to the policies and guidelines of the Association.

This means that IWFA members have pledged to present information about their products as accurately as possible and to not make performance claims that cannot be supported by independent research or some other valid type of support material.


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