Safety and Security

Whether the concern is preventing serious injury or property damage, safety and security film may be the solution. It is important to recognize that each type of event carries its own risks and mitigation strategies. Different testing protocols and installation techniques are necessary to properly match the need to the optimum solution.

Determining the proper film type and installation method, deciding whether an attachment system is necessary, and choosing a quality window film dealer and installer are key. Safety and security are complex and serious issues. Take the time to find the right partner and understand where specialty safety and security films can help.

Please scroll to the bottom to find a special IWFA Statement on ballistic resistance. 

Forced Entry

Forced Entry may be initiated to gain entry to an unoccupied building for the purposes of theft or to an occupied space for the purposes of occupant harm. Properly specified, installed, and attached security window film can slow down an intruder, allowing law enforcement to respond.


Running or falling into door or window glass can happen in any home or business. Installing safety window film may prevent serious cuts by holding the broken shards in place and keeping limbs from  from penetrating.

In addition, safety film can help objects from creating a flying glass hazard into a space.


The movement of the ground translates through the building’s foundation to create a racking motion in the windows during an earthquake. This side to side movement often leads to glass breakage and glass fallout. Properly specified and installed safety window film with the appropriate attachment system may help prevent glass fallout and falling glass.


Whether caused by terrorist activity or a gas or chemical explosion, blast events can be deadly. In addition, to the damage from the shock wave itself, flying glass can cause serious harm. Properly specified, installed, and attached security window film can significantly lower the risk to occupants and interior equipment by helping hold shattered glass in place.


Wind events are a complex series of in and out pressurizations and flying debris. Determining the structural and wind zone specifics for any building or home are essential to properly specifying a film for use as a windstorm mitigation strategy.

Property Defacement

“Tagging” can be a major cost and business interruption. Graffiti film, unlike other safety and security films, is designed to be easily removed for fast replacement. Thick film with a scratch resistant coating will feel and sound like glass, fooling the perpetrator. Whether used to prevent damage from acid, glass scribing tools, or spray paint, Graffiti film may be the answer.

Spontaneous Glass Failure

While not common, spontaneous tempered glass failure can create huge liabilities when it occurs.  Properly specified and attached safety window film can help keep glass from falling out of the building, creating valuable time for replacement.

Ballistic Resistance

“Ballistic Resistance”
“Bullet Resistance”

Below, you will find the International Window Film Association’s statement on Ballistic Resistance. To this date, the IWFA is unaware of any films that have Ballistic properties.