A Guide to Purchasing Window Film

Before You Buy

There are many questions you may have about purchasing window film.  This section covers what questions to ask.

Installation Process

Depending on the type of glass, installations can vary in time, intrusiveness and process. This section gives a breakdown of the installation on these different types of glass.

After You Buy

Once film has been installed, what should you look for, inspect, and expect going forward for the life of the film.

Real World Testimony

“Window films are proven to reduce solar heat gain entering homes through glass in windows, doors, & skylights, thus making interior environments more comfortable and reducing energy use whenever the cooling system is operating” Darrell Smith, IWFA Executive Director.

View our case study of the installation of window film on the beautiful home located along the Boise River Greenbelt.

Did You Know…

We understand you may have some questions that revolve around installation, care, and longevity. This section covers some of the more common questions we get pertaining to the do’s and don’ts of window film.

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