Another Reason To Consider Window Film – Glass Costs and Delays

By Darrell Smith

With higher than ever energy costs, a number of glass manufacturers are raising prices anywhere from 10 to 40 percent for flat glass products, such as windows and doors.

The price increases come on top of an already difficult situation for many homebuilders and window installers, where there have been reports of glass window and door shipment delays of nearly six months and sometimes more if the window or door is a custom order.

survey of building contractors completed in late 2021 pointed to windows as causing the most delay for their projects.

Window film is an energy efficient and cost-effective choice if you want to upgrade your home’s windows and avoid high costs and possibly months of delay.

Window film can extend the life of existing windows and glass doors, as long as the frames and glass are in good condition. A window film installer can help determine this for you.

At about one-seventh the cost of a replacement windows, window films improve the energy savings of your windows, block 99 percent of the sun’s UV rays that contribute to interior furnishings fade and many of them have manufacturer warranties of 15 years or more.

So, why wait around for long periods and higher costs for replacement windows? Window film can be installed throughout a home in a day or less. The installation process affords very little disruption to the daily routine and your windows may look and perform much better for years to come.