What Does The IWFA Logo On A Window Film Product or Marketing Materials Mean?

By Darrell Smith

In the simplest terms it means commitment. Any individual member window film dealer or company that is authorized to display the IWFA logo means they are committed to the policies and guidelines of the Association.

In practical terms it means that IWFA members have pledged to present information about their products as accurately as possible and to not make performance claims that cannot be supported by independent research or some other valid type of support material.

Members also support the work of of the IWFA in its mission to educate consumers about the many benefits of window films, without endorsing specific brands of window films.

Products with the IWFA logo mean they have undergone testing to validate their performance and that marketing materials align with those reports whenever it is appropriate.

As a third-party industry source for accurate technical information on window film products and its uses, the IWFA educates industry influencers and consumers on the energy savings, protection against broken glass and UV properties of window film and delivers standardized training and educational materials and seminars to industry members, building officials and energy organizations and the public.

The IWFA has guidelines on what performance consumers might expect from the installation of window film on flat glass, such as on doors, windows and skylights and also on motor vehicles. In addition, the organization offers policy statements on such critical matters as whether window film  is bullet resistant or not, how window film on glass stands up in heavy windstorm conditions and how films might react during a building fire without affecting the performance of fire-resistant glass.