An ‘Out of Sight’ Energy Saver

There are a few meanings for the phrase ‘out-of-sight. When applied to window film, we think of something being really excellent, and the other is, once window film is installed on glass, it is often difficult to see.

When it comes to energy savings during the warmer months, window films make the most impact by helping to reflect and absorb the sun’s solar energy. Instead of the sun passing mostly unimpeded through glass and being absorbed by floors and furniture and creating hot spots that re-radiate into a room, window film reduces the amount of energy that passes through glass.

This means that during the warmest period of the day, window films help to maintain a more even temperature in the interior of a living space. This benefit puts less demand on an air conditioning system, so it may use less energy, thus saving money for electricity. In some service areas, utilities provide financial incentives for their customers to reduce their energy use during peak demand periods.

Today’s window film technology enables some products to have the benefit of rejecting a high percentage of solar heat from the outside in summer while also helping to retain warmed air in the room during the winter.

Consider having window film installed, while it may be out of sight, it may reduce your total annual electrical need and it save more during peak cooling periods when utility costs can often be the highest.