Celebrating The Many Wonders of Window Film

By Darrell Smith
To me, the many wonders of the holidays worth celebrating include the sharing of good food, connecting with family and friends in festive circumstances, and the mixture of welcome traditions with new experiences.

I must admit that, having invested nearly my entire life in the window film industry, I still have a sense of excitement and wonder when it comes to window films. I want to take a moment to share why they are worth recognizing and even celebrating.

First of all, window film is a product that is difficult to see once it has been installed. Window films adhere so tightly to a glass surface, whether in a home, a building or a vehicle, that they become almost one with the glass.

It is also hard to detect the variety of high tech coatings, layers and materials embedded into window films, resulting in a wide array of solutions being offered to make structurally-sound windows perform better.

So if you are wondering about window films, here’s a short list of their benefits:

Thermal insulation – window film can reduce the glare of the sun, while keeping rooms cooler during warmer months and may also help to prevent heat loss when it’s cold outside.

Ultraviolet (UV) reduction – all quality window films block 99 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays that can be damaging to the eyes and skin, increasing the risk of cataracts and cancer. The same benefit also reduces the impact of the sun’s harsh UV light on interior furnishings and floor coverings.

Security and privacy – many window films are designed to hold glass together when broken. Window film materials have a certain amount of stretch and the adhesive used to secure it to a glass surface help to hold the broken pieces in place. The thicker the window film and the installation adhesive generally offers, more flexibility and holding power it has to retain glass shards. Window films can also come in various designs, from opaque to interesting scenes, and they may offer more privacy for bathroom windows and other areas in a home or office.

Smaller carbon footprint – perhaps best of all window films save energy without the need to remove existing windows that may or may not be able to be recycled, and window films can be installed with minimal interruption in a day or less for about one-seventh the cost of a replacement window.

But while I emphasize the many wonders of window films, it is more important that I wish you and your family a blessed and Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!