Evergreen With Window Film

Have you noticed that almost all the plants traditionally brought into the home at Christmas are evergreen? Bringing evergreens inside is one of the oldest traditions that most of us have in common, and to many people these plants represent extending life. We often use the word ‘evergreen’ to describe something that has a long-life of usefulness.

Window films may fit the idea of being evergreen as well, and once installed on glass, unlike a Christmas tree, you barely know it’s there. It also continues to perform day-in and day-out for years to come. Window film products are rated for their performance by the National Fenestration Rating Council and, once installed, window film may offer year-round benefits.

Compared with a full window replacement, window film is a green product. Too often, structurally sound windows are discarded because they do not meet today’s energy efficiency demands, but window film can be a smart choice if you want to improve existing windows to newer and improved energy standards. Rather than investing the energy and materials to make and deliver a new window, you can prolong the life of your existing windows by incorporating window film, thereby saving money while being environmentally conscious at the same time.

So, if you are looking for new ways to ‘green’ up your home this season, consider window film as a smart choice. Wishing you and your friends and family a Merry Christmas and many happy holidays ahead.