Road Trip Planned? Think Window Film First

Using the family car to travel to a favorite getaway spot for vacation is one of the most popular means of getting there. A recent survey published in June 2023 revealed 64 percent of people going on vacation said they’ll travel in their own car, up 11 points from just two months ago.

In fact, Americans travel an average of 284 miles one-way for a summer vacation road trip and July is the most popular vacation month followed by August, according to a Gallup poll.

What this all means is, if you are going to spend a good deal of time driving, your vehicle needs to be in excellent condition and ready to withstand high outside temperatures that are running well over 100 degrees in many parts of the country.

One tip before you head out is to open all the windows to let out any heat that has built-up inside, and then turn on the A/C.

Another tip is to have window film installed on the vehicle’s side, rear and sunroof window glass before traveling on vacation. Not only will this tip make things more comfortable inside the vehicle’s cabin in summer, it can also provide year-round benefits such as lessened glare and, once professionally installed, it’s almost permanent until removed.

In addition to rejecting a significant amount of the sun’s heat, all quality window films reduce the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays by 99 percent. This benefit means both the skin and eyes are less exposed to the dangers of UV that is a leading cause of skin cancer and eye issues, such as cataracts.